[SATLUG] DDRmemory cooling

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Jun 19 11:55:41 CDT 2008

Geoff wrote:

> seems I remember reading somewhere that /swap should be around half of
> your RAM.  That just doesn't sound right, but my swap size is around
> 256mb and I've got a total of 512mb of ram.  (*shrug*)  someone around
> here knows.

The rule has always been that swap should be two to three times as large as 
the amount of physical RAM you have in the box, but when you have machines 
with 64-256GB of RAM, maybe that no longer makes sense.  But so long as 
you've got something like 4GB of RAM or less, I'd certainly follow that rule.

> Personally, I wouldn't think that RAM draws enough current to heat up
> what warrants the needs of any special cooling, Herb. 

It does.  The three biggest failures seen in most servers are hard drives, 
power supplies, and RAM.  The first two are typically due to heat built up 
caused by large amounts of current being used or physically rotating media, 
but RAM tends to fail for similar reasons -- precisely because no one ever 
seems to think that they need to cool their memory properly.

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