[SATLUG] DDRmemory cooling

Brian astro at astr0.org
Thu Jun 19 14:41:25 CDT 2008

I've used a ram cooler and it definitely kept the sticks nice and  
cool. I bought a couple parts from frys when I was in Dallas and built  
my own cooker, but they also sell things prefabricated to do just this.

I also put a "blow hole" in the tip of my case and that dropped the  
temp of the hdd's, ram, CPU, and the air temp inside the case  

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On Jun 19, 2008, at 14:14, herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:

> Brad Knowles wrote:
>> Geoff wrote:
>>> seems I remember reading somewhere that /swap should be around  
>>> half of
>>> your RAM.  That just doesn't sound right, but my swap size is around
>>> 256mb and I've got a total of 512mb of ram.  (*shrug*)  someone  
>>> around
>>> here knows.
>> The rule has always been that swap should be two to three times as  
>> large as the amount of physical RAM you have in the box, but when  
>> you have machines with 64-256GB of RAM, maybe that no longer makes  
>> sense.  But so long as you've got something like 4GB of RAM or  
>> less, I'd certainly follow that rule.
>>> Personally, I wouldn't think that RAM draws enough current to heat  
>>> up
>>> what warrants the needs of any special cooling, Herb.
>> It does.  The three biggest failures seen in most servers are hard  
>> drives, power supplies, and RAM.  The first two are typically due  
>> to heat built up caused by large amounts of current being used or  
>> physically rotating media, but RAM tends to fail for similar  
>> reasons -- precisely because no one ever seems to think that they  
>> need to cool their memory properly.
> Yeah the RAM slots sit sideways to the air flow and the 256mb stick  
> gets fairly hot but the 1gb stick get too hot to handle, I know they  
> make something called a heat spreader for RAM modules, If anyone has  
> experience with this I would appreciate knowing. I already have  
> replaced the standard CPU cooling fan with a case fan and added a  
> second case fan in the front pulling air in.  I am thinking of  
> rigging a fan to blow down on the RAM slots, I have a fan. It will  
> of course add to the watts but should keep the RAM cooled. Temp got  
> to 104 earlier in the week and the machine stayed alive. It's 101 as  
> i type this.
> herb
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