[SATLUG] Why I love Linux

John Kirby johnrkirby at gmail.com
Thu Jun 19 15:36:36 CDT 2008

Once again, Linux saved my butt.

Finally figured out how to make Ubuntu look decent on my new laptop, so I
went ahead with the install. Everything ran smoothly, until I'd finished.
That's when I realized that instead of a 65 GB XP partition and a 10 GB
Ubuntu (I tend to store files in Windows so I can access from either OS),
I'd reversed it. I was aghast at my own stupidity, and was not looking
forward to re-installing two OS's.

Right before implementing the nuclear option, that little voice in the back
of my head spoke up. Thanks to Google and Gparted, my work was not in vain.

Any tool that saves me from a screw-up of that magnitude is absolutely in my
good books. And I vow to always check twice before I hit the "Install"
button... until I forget.

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