[SATLUG] Does F9 need more memory than xp?

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 20:19:31 CDT 2008

After upgrading my motherboard and cpu because the last cpu had a broken
pin, Fedora 9 has been more sluggish and occasionally freezes up and
makes me wait. I thought about reinstalling with Ubuntu but would rather
keep Fedora if I could resolve the problems. I tried playing the same
game in Windows and Linux on the same computer, both 64 bit OS's, called
Urban Terror. In F9, it locked up occasionally, loaded maps slowly, and
in Windows, played just fine. The only time I received lag in Windows
was when there was a server issue such as the game server having many
many people on it, about 30. I had 2 gb gskill dual channel ram from
Newegg and now have 1 gb ddr2 single stick of memory. Surprisingly, I
did not have to reinstall Winderz after changing out the mobo/proc. I
did have to run the "add new hardware wizard" several times to get
sound, net connection, accelerated graphics higher than 800x600, etc,
and load the driver disk that came with the hardware. Also a new problem
happened. Pidgin has been crashing and leaking memory. I made a bug
report (got a backtrace), recompiled Pidgin, and spoke to the
developers. Pidgin may crash every 30 minutes and use around 30~50 mg
ram, so it must be leaking. Xp 64 bit is now running fine without
reinstalling, so I wonder if the problem is that I do not have enough
memory for F9, F9 needs to be reinstalled to run more efficiently,
Pidgin is causing F9 to run sluggishly all the time, or what? Despite
having less memory, the hardware was an upgrade, so the proc and memory
are faster and possibly the bus speeds on the micro ATX mobo. What do
you guys think?

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