[SATLUG] Re: Does F9 need more memory than xp?

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Fri Jun 20 20:22:30 CDT 2008

:S clearsign isnt working in Mutt. I'll figure it out later.

On 6/20/08, Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com> wrote:
> After upgrading my motherboard and cpu because the last cpu had a broken
> pin, Fedora 9 has been more sluggish and occasionally freezes up and
> makes me wait. I thought about reinstalling with Ubuntu but would rather
> keep Fedora if I could resolve the problems. I tried playing the same
> game in Windows and Linux on the same computer, both 64 bit OS's, called
> Urban Terror. In F9, it locked up occasionally, loaded maps slowly, and
> in Windows, played just fine. The only time I received lag in Windows
> was when there was a server issue such as the game server having many
> many people on it, about 30. I had 2 gb gskill dual channel ram from
> Newegg and now have 1 gb ddr2 single stick of memory. Surprisingly, I
> did not have to reinstall Winderz after changing out the mobo/proc. I
> did have to run the "add new hardware wizard" several times to get
> sound, net connection, accelerated graphics higher than 800x600, etc,
> and load the driver disk that came with the hardware. Also a new problem
> happened. Pidgin has been crashing and leaking memory. I made a bug
> report (got a backtrace), recompiled Pidgin, and spoke to the
> developers. Pidgin may crash every 30 minutes and use around 30~50 mg
> ram, so it must be leaking. Xp 64 bit is now running fine without
> reinstalling, so I wonder if the problem is that I do not have enough
> memory for F9, F9 needs to be reinstalled to run more efficiently,
> Pidgin is causing F9 to run sluggishly all the time, or what? Despite
> having less memory, the hardware was an upgrade, so the proc and memory
> are faster and possibly the bus speeds on the micro ATX mobo. What do
> you guys think?

Christopher Lemire <christopher.lemire at gmail.com>
Fedora 64 bit Linux Raid Level 1

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