[SATLUG] 13 year old needs computer to run Linux

Chris Lemire good_bye300 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 22 00:47:13 CDT 2008

Hello, the girl I met has a 9 year old brother who is very interested in computers and programming. He's created websites. He asked me a few questions. His family shares one computer, so I thought if anyone would give away an old p2 computer or even parts, he could have an older computer that would run Puppy Linux. If he gets parts, I can contribute many. I have a Gateway 2000 that quit working, but I'm sure there are a lot of resusable parts in it. I used to have to give it a good kick to make it continue booting and text to scroll on the screen when it was stuck at the Gateway 2000 logo. Despite all the cooling it had, the hardware was very unstable, not good for a server. Not everything can be bad in it. I suspect maybe the psu and/or the proc getting too hot since the heatsync has no fan on it by default.



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