[SATLUG] suse 11.0 wifi frustration

riugakusei at aim.com riugakusei at aim.com
Sun Jun 22 20:55:05 CDT 2008

hi there i got suse 11.0 runing on my laptop and i have been unable to get my wireless working, when i was running 10.3, all it took was to install madwifi
? already tried ndiwsrapper and nothing happened.

?when i tried to install the madwifi rpm it gave me this error.? 
Can't install madwifi-kmp-default-0.9.4_2.6.25_26-1 at x86_64: no package provides kernel(vmlinux) = 18d57d8dd4787c30
the rpm does match my kernel:
? i weet online but? couldnt find anything helpful.
Any hints or tips are welcome at this point.

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