[SATLUG] OT Aspergers and swimming

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sun Jun 22 21:27:12 CDT 2008

Mary Yatti wrote:
> My nephew has Aspergers and likes to swim.  I like to swim and I don't have Aspergers (as far as I know).  
> I don't think anyone has a clue as to what causes Aspergers.  
> Maybe, hanging around with guys like you causes it?

Hi Mary:

It was a poor, geeky attempt at humor.  There is a student where I teach 
who is a High Functioning Autistic (My understanding is he is just off 
the scale of Aspergers and just barely on the scale of autistic), and a 
nicer young man there has not been.  He barely speaks at all.  He is 
also in AP(Advanced Placement) math.  Last year he devoured the problems 
in his Calculus textbook.  He is a Sophomore.  As to the cause? 
Probably the same thing which causes Autism, just not as much of it, 
whatever it is.  Peace, Dennis in Victoria

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