Re: [SATLUG] [OT] An Education for Ernest (Was Reduced Power Consumption)

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Mon Jun 23 00:22:42 CDT 2008

The entire concept of Digg, Slashdot and the like is for OTHERS to find your information useful and share it, not for you to try to promote your own blog. Hence why it gets a thumbs down. Anything that is sent to me for a digg, or the slashdot firehose that is submitted by the blog writer gets a -1 from me, because it defeats the whole concept. If your writing is interesting, believe me, someone will find it and digg it for you. Trying to promote yourself is quite not what the spirit of the site is for. Feel free to bury anything I digg, or mod me down on /. anytime you want. It doesn't bother me (and I have really awesome positive Karma on /.). I wasn't trying to "ruffle your feathers", nor have I been negative at all, just trying to educate you on something you appear to know nothing about. 

If you are agitated by me requesting that others tag their OT posts as such, then you should probably filter my email out, because it appears that it never stops.


PS : Apology accepted, I'm sure it wont happen again.

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In retrospect I agree with you Bruce.  I apologize to all those that might
have been offended by that.  It's just that the person that was addressed to
always seems to have some negative thing to say and is frequently the cause
of agitation on this list.  I should have worded that differently, but I'm
not going to tolerate people making snide remarks...especially ignorant

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