[SATLUG] Reduced Power Consumption

Gabriel Doss gabe at gabrieldoss.com
Mon Jun 23 10:33:22 CDT 2008

On Sun, Jun 22, 2008 at 10:26 PM, <astro at astr0.org> wrote:

> So you Dug yourself? That is very, very lame. I'll click bury instead, as
> that goes against the entire idea of being Dug/Slashdotted/etc.
> -Brian

Totally, absolutely, 100%, and completely disagree--and so does Digg. Your
point of view is certainly shared by a small, vocal subset of thinking on
Digg, /., Mixx, etc., but by no means "the entire idea," or in my opinion
even close to the correct idea. No where in the Digg faqs, about, etc. pages
does it say you cannot self-submit. In fact, it says the opposite. Why?
Because the people who made Digg say entire point is that is it up to the
Digg community to decide, regardless of who wrote/submitted the story.

>From Digg's FAQ: "While we welcome users to submit their own content,
overdoing it often incites the users to mark the user as a spammer, the site
as a spam site, and otherwise decent content as blogspam."

Good for your Ernest. Self-promotion is not a bad thing--just don't go
overboard. It is up to the users of Digg, et al to decide whether it is
worthy, not who submits it.

As for the article itself, I'd like to see some more hard numbers about
power reduction floating about in there, but I understand that wasn't the
point. It was more of a thought piece. Interesting to know about Power
Assure. Watching what they do with VMWare or other virtualization products
is something I'll add to my list of areas to pay attention to.


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