[SATLUG] compiling a kernel

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Mon Jun 23 10:55:35 CDT 2008

On Sunday 22 June 2008 19:46:51 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> John D Choate wrote:
>  > After 5.5 years of using Linux (Mandrake/Mandriva), I have never
>  > compiled a kernel. I know it would be a good learning experience for me,
>  > but I've never found any other reason for doing it.
> 1. Do *not* change the topic on an existing thread.  Start a new
> message/thread.
> 2. Do trim non-relevant text when replying to a message.
> To answer your question, there are several reasons for compiling your own
> kernel:
> a.  For learning as you mention.  Knowing how to do it gives you confidence
> in the process.
> b.  For efficiency.  A standard distribution takes a lot longer to boot and
> is larger because everything is there.  Testing for dozens or hundreds of
> non-existent devices takes time.  Just compiling what you need leads to
> very efficient systems.  The size is small and the boot time is much
> faster.  My system takes about 20 seconds from power on to login prompt. 
> My kernel is 1.8M (no initrd) with the modules directory at 7.5M (4 modules
> - nvidia (7.2M) and vmware).  As a comparison, satlug runs RHEL and is 1.4M
> with initrd 481K and a modules directory of 29M (804 modules).
> c.  For testing new stuff that hasn't made it into the kernel yet.
>    -- Bruce

1. I did not change the topic, I only replied to the existing thread.

2. I apologize for not trimming the unrelated content.

3. I did not ask a question, I made a statement.

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