[SATLUG] Wireless Driver Installation

Andy Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 25 16:01:02 CDT 2008

Darn!  Thats not it. I rechecked:  sudo iwlist produces the previously 
reported results, i.e. "no scan results" for wlan0 and  "Interface 
doesn't support scanning" for the others.


Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
>> from command line do (  iwlist scan  ) 
> Interesting Lou.  I never tried that before.  The man page has:
> iwlist interface scan[ning] so I thought the interface was required, 
> but scanning all interfaces makes sense.
> To Andy, the iwlist command must be done as root.
>   -- Bruce

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