[SATLUG] Wireless Driver Installation

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 22:34:11 CDT 2008

Andy Pickens wrote:
> 1. What router are you using ( manufacurer - model - essid ) ?
> Ans.  2wire Home Portal 1000HW, 2wire905 (supplied by SBC, now AT&T).
> 2. What Ubuntu 6.06 wifi application program are you using to   
> configure the Encore adapter?
> Ans.  I'm using the tools built into Ubuntu 6.06.  I am uncertain about 
> some of the items, so here are most of the details:
> Interface Properties
>    name: 2wire905
>    Enable this connection: (checked)
>    ESSID: 2wire905
>    Key type: Hexadecimal
>    WEP key:  (ten digits - the key assigned to the router)
>    Configuration:  DHCP
>    IP address, Subnet mask, & Gateway address - blank
> General
>    Hostname: izzy (the name I gave my computer)
>    Domain name:
> DNS Servers:
> Search Domains:  ::1 (I don't know how I arrived at that answer)
> Hosts: A list of eight, each w/IP address & alias, including, 
> izzy.

Oops.  Did you set the IP addresses manually?  The IP address 127.x.x.x is 
always localhost the numbers after 127 are meaningless.  Try using 10.x.x.x, 
172.16.x.x, or 192.168.x.x instead.

Are you running your own DNS server at

Most routers for home systems use a 192.168.1.x/ address scheme. 
Your systems need to use the same address scheme as the router.  Usually this is 
done automatically with dhcp.

You will need to get away from WEP.  It is not secure.  You need to use WPA, but 
I recommend disabling encryption completely until you can get a basic 
connection.  Then we can go back and secure it properly.

I wonder if Ubuntu has an app interfering with the manual configuration we were 
doing earlier.   I'm not that familiar with ubuntu, so I'm not sure how to go 
about checking for that.  I'd try to turn off networking completely and get 
something working manually and then automate from there.

   -- Bruce

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