[SATLUG] Wireless Driver Installation

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Thu Jun 26 00:47:50 CDT 2008

Haven't forgot you Andy, been keeping Google busy getting a handle 
on your hardware.  Bruce is right, disable security until you get it connected.

Don't mean to doubt you, but, are you sure XP had a wireless connection, 
and that you weren't connected via your eth0 ~ eth1  LAN  cards?  Also
wonder how XP handled your WEP key, unless you input it (I know very
little about XP).

Still have to determine how Ubuntu configures your wifi adapter, I don't
use Ubuntu, perhaps a seasoned Ubuntu user will jump in and share.

I saw an interesting post concerning your problem with Ubuntu 6.06
and Encore ENWI-G2.  Rather lengthy, so rather than regurgitate,
it, pull up the thread (below), digest it, and compare Sloppyjoe's 
procedures with your configuration, his last post, #10 is how he solved it.


After midnight, need to get horizontal, try some of his procedures and
keep us posted, hopefully resolution is near.

_ . _  Lou


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