[SATLUG] Looking for software

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Jun 27 17:05:07 CDT 2008

> Jeremy Mann wrote:
> > I've been asked to look for a web-based file sharing system for our
> > users. What we want is basically a way for a user to upload a large
> > document, like a grant proposal, and have an email sent to several
> > addresses which would include in the body of the message a HTTP link
> > to download the document. There are commercial services that provide
> > this, but I'm curious if there is GPL code somewhere out there that
> > does the same.
> Hmm.  ftp + mailx?  ;-)
> Seriously, if you can give us a bit more detail, especially the services 
> you're comparing against, we'll have a better idea of what you're asking for.

We would like a GPL server package that allows us to do file sharing 
for large files. Bascially, we need the following functionality:

1. user uploads file to server.
2. user sets expiration on file
3. user selects file from server and enters one or more e-mail addresses
4. recipient(s) receives a link to download file

The files on the server should be encrypted, when downloaded with the 
right key (embedded in link), file gets decrypted

The files should be encrypted during download.

If one provides for some sort of registration on the server, it should
be possible to let the user see all files in their area, and delete them
or set expirations on the files. When expired, the file is automatically

The more transparent this whole thing can be done, the better. This
should work for minimally literate users without a lot of support, i.e.,
the pages need to be self-explanatory and any documentation needs to be
short and easy to understand.

The reason we need that is due to size restrictions on attachments,
either on incoming mail or outgoing mail.

Thanks, -Borries

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