[SATLUG] Video Card Questions

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Fri Jun 27 19:41:00 CDT 2008

Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> I am looking to upgrade my video card and am confused by some of the 
> terminology.  I'm sure someone on the list can help.
> What I have is a system with a 350 watt power supply and a PCI-Express 
> slot. Overall, my system is fairly high end (3.2 GHz), but about 3 years 
> old.
> My present card (NVidia Qutdro NV37GL) is capable of 1920x1200 analog 
> and 1600x1200 digital, but I would like to run two 1920x1200 monitors 
> via twin DVI connectors (or dual cards) as I get some horizontal 
> ghosting using the analog setting.
> I do prefer nvidia as I am comfortable with the configuration for that 
> card.
> Doe anyone have any suggestions or advice?
>   -- Bruce

There is a good tool here to compare card specs: 

I am usually always surprised when I check out some of the newest 
offerings against my current card to only find out the new expensive 
models have lower and or not so impressive specs.  Most cards now a days 
  all have dual dvi.  I think the best bang for the buck right now is 
the nvidia 9600.  It is only $150 at newegg. But if you are not playing 
games then you might be able to get a lower end 9000 series and just be 
fine.  The 8000 series is now obsolete and can be had for cheap but just 
do the research to make sure it is worthy of the lower price.


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