[SATLUG] Texas Law

Jim Parkhurst JPARKHUR at dot.state.tx.us
Mon Jun 30 10:10:28 CDT 2008

Doing some research you can find more information about this at

In the Actions section (top, recent):

	Description			Date			Journal Page
E  	Effective on 9/1/07  	   	 06/15/2007  	   	
E  	Signed by the Governor  	   	 06/15/2007  	   	7406
E  	Sent to the Governor  	   	 05/30/2007  	   	7404
S  	Signed in the Senate  	   	 05/29/2007  	   	5316
H  	Signed in the House  	   	 05/29/2007  	   	7398

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