[SATLUG] 3d effects and ATi

Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 01:48:39 CST 2008

On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Al Castanoli <afcasta at satx.rr.com> wrote:
>  On Wed, 2008-02-27 at 19:43 -0800, Kristian Erik Hermansen wrote:
>  > Don't use SuSE.  It sucks :-P
>  That's not really what I'd call good, constructive criticism. If there's
>  something specifically you have trouble with concerning openSUSE, ask
>  here and I'm sure at least one of us has encountered the same issue and
>  may be able to help you.
>  The first presentation I took part in at a SATLUG meeting was when
>  Miguel Figueroa (2nd SATLUG president) and I compiled KDE 1.0 from
>  sources and installed it on a SuSE box.
>  Now that Novell owns SUSE Linux, there are some who find their
>  collaboration with Microsoft too repugnant to deal with SuSE anymore,
>  but the openSUSE project is still free at http://www.opensuse.org .
>  I'm running openSUSE 10.3 on an old Dell PowerEdge 2500 with a pair of
>  Xeons from the Pentium 3 era, and use it as my console for 52 oracle
>  boxen.  It's been running 24/7 except for kernel / version updates for
>  two years and never has given me any trouble, but then again I don't use
>  the GUI tools.  I run
>  # you
>  rather than pointing and clicking through pop up windows for updates,
>  and about all I use the mouse for is pointing at various xterms on the
>  screen.
>  My kids run their windows programs (photoshop and a few other school
>  related applications) in VMware guest sessions on an OpenSUSE host at
>  home, but I'm using Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS on my laptops because I like to
>  use different tools for different jobs.
>  Al Castanoli
>  --

I've heard many good things about Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS on this list and others.
The goal is to move my sister from Windows 2000 to Linux.
At the moment I have experience with Ubuntu but not PCLinuxOS.
Is there anything that would give PCLinuxOS the edge over Ubuntu for
this migration?
Or vice-versa?

I run openSUSE 10.3 (and love it) and Ubuntu 7.10.
Ubuntu is very solid and reliable. I wish openSUSE had updates as fast
as Ubuntu. They seem to be getting there.
SuSE 8.2 to openSUSE 10.3 has come a long way on update and repository

Strangely enough the biggest problem is replacing Outlook Express. My
sister loves that program. I think it is junk.
I tried to get her to use Gmail but she loves the Outlook Express
"look and feel". Go figure.

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