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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 10:29:01 CST 2008

> Robert Pearson wrote:
>> I've heard many good things about Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS on this list 
>> and others.
>> The goal is to move my sister from Windows 2000 to Linux.
>> At the moment I have experience with Ubuntu but not PCLinuxOS.
>> Is there anything that would give PCLinuxOS the edge over Ubuntu for
>> this migration?
>> Or vice-versa?

My wife and I feel that switching from Windows to Linux is easier with 
KDE than with Gnome everybody I know has developed an instant preference 
for one or the other in short order so, since both are live CDs, why not
give her copies of both and let her play with them herself.  Then 
install whichever she likes best.

herb cee wrote:
> Robert, have you played with the 3.01 Puppy yet, I just ordered 2 copies 
> sent to my friends in FL (cost $3.70) they are still stuck with dial-up 
> and I think the puppy's ability to run and maintain sessions stored on 
> the ntfs file system, or most any other file sys, without requiring 
> long, long downloads to support the initial install is a real winner.  I 
> am very light on the technical end, I liked the PCLinuxOS 2007 but have 
> only run one 3hr session on it and made no notes since I planned to run 
> "MiniMe" version just have not had the time yet. My general impression 
> was Ubuntu and PCL were about equal and i very much like Ubuntu I think 
> it is very close to a prime time distro.
>> Strangely enough the biggest problem is replacing Outlook Express. My
>> sister loves that program. I think it is junk.
>> I tried to get her to use Gmail but she loves the Outlook Express
>> "look and feel". Go figure.
> I switched to Firefox long time ago while still a MSwin user and I 
> replaced it as the default mail client in Ubuntu. I find it has all the 
> features I want, the filtering is very good, perhaps she would like 
> using it?

Herb, Firefox is a browser, not an email client.  Are you referring to 
Thunderbird?  Thunderbird looks and feels enough like OE to be an easy 
transition for most Windows users and it's a snap to configure with a 
gmail account once you've enabled pop3 access for your gmail account.

I have a lot of friends who prefer to handle email via online interface 
with gmail or yahoo; many of them aren't even aware of the distinction 
between web based email and an onboard email client and I guess it 
ceases be matter much if one has a fast connection but I started with a 
dial up connection and well recall the frustration of spending an hour 
or more writing an email via web interface and losing it all before I 
could send it because I got booted before I could send it.  That 
happened often enough to give me a serious aversion to web based email.
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