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Don Crowder donguitar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 2 18:56:34 CST 2008

arthur nisenfeld wrote:
> Hi everyone!  
> Background : Just got into Linux recently and know about as little as possible - but also know that I will never return to Mac or Windoze (have both still working).  Purchased an Everex PC with gOS on-line, primarily to replace my aging WIN 98 box to use as a cheap Internet client,  but have since  been fascinated with the flexibility and amount of software available and the ease with which it is obtained. 
> gOS stands for Good Operating System and is based on Ubuntu 7.10 and Enlightenment  17  I believe.   It is slanted towards using Google and Google Applications on the Internet - something I wanted for the intended purpose. 
> Questions:  Anyone out there using gOS 1.01 longer than a few weeks like me?  
>                            Can you use applications written for GNOME, KDE, or other GUI                                        environments in whatever environment currently part of your system, or do                       you need to use that specific GNOME, KDE? (don't wish to get involved too                       much with the terminal yet.)
>                             This PC has a Suspend,  Hibernate,  and Shutdown mode. I typically                                 shutdown my computers after use.  Are the above comparable to WIN                                Sleep & Wake? I get the feeling there is more than meets the eye here.
> Thanks for your help in advance,
> Newbie

I'm sure you'll get lots of good answers to your questions so I won't 
get into that.  If you still have your old Win98 machine, I suggest you 
try KateOS on it.  I just installed it on a 550 MHz, P3 w/256 MB of RAM 
(Compaq DeskPro) and found it to be very impressive.
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