[SATLUG] Sierra Aircard 595U and Linux GPS

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 4 21:15:35 CST 2008

Hello all, got a tough one for ya.

I have the Sprint Aircard 595U which allows me to have cellular internet
service wherever I am.  It's a USB device and in Windows it shows up and
through use of the proprietary Sprint connection manager (or a MS-DUN
connection) you can bring up the cellular internet connection.

The Sprint aircard has GPS built in and through use of the connection
manager I can turn it on and off at will.  In Windows, the device shows up
with three serial ports, one is the actual data service, one is the GPS NMEA
port and the third is a port monitor of some sort.  (I am guessing that is
how the connection manager is able to poll the device without interrupting
either the GPS data flow or the network connection.  Using a freeware app
from download.com called "gps_diag" I was able to attach to the GPS port and
see the NMEA strings come from the device as long as the connection manager
had GPS turned on.

In Linux (ubuntu 7.10) I plug the device in and it shows up as three serial
ports, /dev/ttyUSB0 - /dev/ttyUSB2  I configured KPPP to use /dev/ttyUSB0
and am able to get online.  This part of the process was quite painless and
easily executed.  The part I have questions about is how do I get the GPS
port to work? I have tried working with the three serial ports and GPSd but
to no avail.  In windows, I can open up the GPS port as defined by the
connection manager and issue the GPS polling commands, but in Linux, when I
attach to the same port, I get nothing, no response.

Does anyone out there have any idea how to enable the GPS connection without
having to resort to Sprint's proprietary and windows only software?

Thanks in advance.


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