[SATLUG] followup2: socket 7 CPU temperature

tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Wed Mar 5 01:38:17 CST 2008

On Thursday 26 January 2006 11:06, Bob Tracy wrote:
> One site that still sells Peltier coolers w/fan+heatsink has one with a
> temperature regulator that attempts to maintain the hot side of the
> cooler at 38+-3 degrees C.  Looks like that's my target temperature.
> Right now, I'm strongly leaning toward retiring the Peltier...  It has
> cost me at least one CPU that I know of, and there are a few decent
> (as in, not cheap) fan+heatsink combinations that appear to be more
> than capable of handling what the K6-III/450 puts out at 100%
> utilization.
> (Am I just talking to myself, or is anyone actually interested in this
> topic?  I'll go away now...)

Kelly had some good pointers there..  i would just add that I'm a big fan of 
heat sink lapping.  basically very find sanding of the heat sink/CPU 
interface to a mirror finish.  This alone has taken 20 degrees (F) of some of 
the hot systems I've worked on.  More info can be found here:
The result is a cooler running system.. which in turn will turn it's won fan 
down.. which will be a quiet system too. :)   In fact.. I just did this 
tonight on my laptop's heat sink/pipe system.  Very nice.

But my point here is that there's no need to spend $50 on a ultra cool 
looking, flashing LED fan/sink system.  Just be sure to get a very high 
quality fan (since that's the thing that dies and kills everything else), lap 
your heat sink, don't glob on too much heat sink compound (BTW.. the silver 
stuff it ok and will knock a couple of extra degrees off).  BTW.. also 
unclocking or under-volt-ing a CPU/mobo is another way to make a very cool 
system.  I actually do this to the point that I can remove the CPU fan all 
together!  No moving parts = high reliability. Just be sure to properly (and 
carefully0 stress test such a system, of you'll let the smoke genie out.. ;)


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