ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 18:47:20 CST 2008

Walt DuBose wrote:
> SATLUG as usual had a good booth at the PC show...good going guys.
> We need a few more individuals to standby and answer questions and
> "run the show" so the guys who start out can take a break for a couple
> of hours.
> Maybe next time 8-12 chairs can be put together is some area and have
> a 30 minute "talk" about linux for anyone interested. Alsowe might
> want tohave a demo on how to load Ubuntu or other simple install.
> Walt
The real fun is in "watching the lights come on" for folk willing to
stand around and hear us talk. That alone was worth my trip.

We had 3-4 different distros running (Puppy, pcPuppyOS, Ubuntu and
Debian), several how-to sessions, several demos of audio/video/games,
and a compare/contrast between Microsoft PowerPoint on a Vista laptop
and OpenOffice Present on an Ubuntu laptop. (I personally think it looks
better in the Linux environment!)

We also had a few glitches. Once upon a time, I thought I was the only
one who couldn't get a wireless laptop online with Linux. Today,
apparently, I was the only one who could. We might need a little more
emphasis in here on wireless networking.


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