[SATLUG] Join the XCSSA GPG Keysigning Party on the 17th! (if interested, follow the steps below SOON!)

tweeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sun Mar 9 19:31:41 CDT 2008

Hey all.. 
Well, we have like 5-6 participants so far who have RSVP'd for the March 17th 
XCSSA encryption keysigning party.  I would like to include as many SATLUG 
folks in on this who want to participate too!  If you want to come get your 
have your GPG/PGP keys signed, then time is running out and you need to 
follow the directions here:

And I'll add you to our the official keysigning list. (the reason for this is 
that we have to have a copy of your public key before the night of the 

If you don't know what GPG encryption keys are, what they're used for, or what 
all this keysigning stuff is about, read up on it a bit here:

Just let me know if you have any questions or problems.  Also, please use our 
official keysigning email address for all related correspondence, RSVPs, and 
emailing for public-keys:
	keysign at xcssa d0t 0rg

and we'll take care of you.


XCSSA President

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