[SATLUG] May 10 LOCC Computer Show suggestions...

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 00:09:17 CDT 2008

(Ed. Note:  I wrote this before, but didn't see it post.  Please forgive
if this is a duplication.)

At this past LOCC Computer Show, several SATLUG participants suggested
we center the next show on how Linux handles graphics -- everything from
demonstrating Gimp to showing how Linux handles Google Earth.  I think
that's a great idea, and I fully support it.  We did, however, not
consider one issue that I'd personally like to present ( already a
hobby) -- demonstrating how Linux handles digital photos.

I have a Canon PowerShot, my Ubuntu Laptop, and an old Lexmark printer. 
I think it'd be fun to watch more "lights come on" when visitors see a
picture taken, loaded, processed and printed in a matter of minutes in a
Linux environment; or, more especially, to see how much faster and
cleaner it happens in a Linux environment.

Any thoughts?



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