[SATLUG] Open Source Symposium 2008 - Registration Open

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Fri Mar 14 12:51:29 CDT 2008

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>  On 3/12/08, Howard Haradon wrote:
>  >  Hey, How come they're having a symposium, and we're
>  >  only having a fest??
>  When you create something, you frequently get to choose the name or
>  type of name.  So, next year call it a "Symposium" if you like.
>  --
>  Brad Knowles <brad at shub-internet.org>
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Hi,  my comment was actually a silly jibe at the Angelenos
for calling their deal a symposium.  I consider this to be too
highfalutin for someone in central TX, but that is just me.
If a fest is good enough for bratwurst and beer, it's just fine for

On an unrelated topic, I am trying to develop a FAQ on how
to ignore off-topic posts that tell us to ignore them.  However,
this project is currently stalled over whether a 2nd FAQ is needed
to deal with off-topic posts that fail to instruct the reader to
ignore them.   Suggestions are invited.

Best regards,   Howard
Howard Haradon
San Antonio, TX USA

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