[SATLUG] May 10 LOCC Computer Show ideas...

Walt DuBose dubose at texas.net
Fri Mar 14 16:12:26 CDT 2008

Nathan wrote:
> There are a lot of people coming forward with a lot of good ideas, but I
> believe we are getting to the point where we would be trying to show off too
> much at one time.  We only have a small area to work with and we need to keep
> things simple.
> Lets try and narrow the focus a little and use other ideas for future shows.
> Gaming is a whole different area from the graphics when it comes to users.  I
> have no problem with gaming at a future show.  I have no problem showing
> networking at a future show.  But I believe we need to keep what we are
> showing easy to understand.
> Nathan

I have to agree with Nathan...not that I oppose in ANY WAY showing off Linux, I 
think we can over do the exhibit and take up so much room and have so many 
people around our booth that the promotor of the show might be getting some 
flack from vendors that we are "taking away customers".

We don't pay for floor space and we certainly don't want to cause paying vendors 
  to wonder if we are taking away their customers.

It is a good idea to focus on one or two of Linux capabilities as well as have a 
machine there that we can show off as a "regular" desktop relacement for other 
operating systems.

Perhaps its now time to have a "show chariman" and have everything run through 
that individual.

Now that said, its good that we have these ideas because it shows that the club 
is growing and maturing beyond that "I'm a geek" posture.

I'm very proud to be associated with SATLUG.


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