[SATLUG] Puppy Linux

Dennis Myhand dmyhand at suddenlink.net
Sat Mar 15 19:04:47 CDT 2008

country wrote:
> Got a real case of the redass at microsloth today, and my new laptop now
> runs Puppy, real easy install and is faster easier and graphics are tighter
> than anything M$ could come up with..
> I got trojaned on the laptop, and some bozo tried to change my filesystems
> from NTFS to FAT32, and screwed up everything, and then Windoze XP would not
> do a full install, had to reformat the whole thing and about that time went
> to my other machine downloaded puppy booted to it and set it up
> Am much happier now, and the pills will kick in anytime hahahahaha

Remember the old Saturday Night Live knock-off on ABC called Fridays? 
They had a druggist who was always hyper and shouting, "TAKE A PILL."  I 
had a student this week who just got nailed by the bot people and saw an 
install of Solaris 10 I had running and said, "I want that!"  The next 
question he asked was would the viruses which affect windows affect 
Solaris and I told him no.  Then he asked how much it cost and told him 
it was a free download.  So far he seems happy.

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