[SATLUG] dd-wrt v24 rc5

tsuehpsyde tsuehpsyde at gmail.com
Sat Mar 15 19:41:45 CDT 2008

After using the various (and continual) release candidates for DD-WRT, some
of which ran fine and others that crapped out intermittently (and the
bandwidth monitor which doesn't even show WAN traffic, only internal
transfers) I just went back to the standard v23 SP2. My main issue with v24
is that remote administration, when started, always seemed to cause apache
to hang @ 100% CPU usage and bring the load average of the router way up.
Not that I do much remote administration to the router, but from time to
time it's necessary.

However, to answer your question, I have had those symptoms before (random
wifi drops), and reverting the firmware back a version fixed it for me.
Until v24 finally becomes tagged stable, I'll stick with v23. Functionality
is more important than flash, animated gifs for updating settings, and the
like. I just want it to work and be stable. :) I must be getting older.


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