[SATLUG] Christmas wish list

toddwbucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sat Mar 15 21:46:58 CDT 2008

> Yes, quad-core and I've got it overclocked from 2.66Ghz to 3.0Ghz. The
> Q6600 is running $249.99 on Newegg. Mine is at $539.99. I've heard
> that's it's pretty easy to overclock the Q6600 to 3.0Ghz as well.

I have been trying to overclock my Q6600 mine and have thus far been
unsuccessfully.  Seems that the Ubuntu RT kernel doesn't like
overclocking as it reboots on loading the kernel whenever I try to
overclock. An overclocking class might make for a good presentation.


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