[SATLUG] Puppy Linux

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 23:46:14 CDT 2008

Geoff wrote:
> ed wrote:
>>>> OT: Back then, I was The Gardens of Avalon, Fidonet 1.387.57...  Those
>>>> were the days...
>>> Tillman?
>> One in the same!  :)  I ran FrontDoor and Maximus, and connected to both
>> Fidonet and PODSnet.
>>> /me ran Electronic Avenue 1:387/510
>> Nice to see a few of us still out there!
> I ran QuickBBS and SuperBBS.. and then there was something else, but I
> don't remember, now.  That's been 10 years ago, and by golly... I had
> that thing up for 10 years.  That means I've been behind a keyboard
> for 25 years, come this October.
I ran TGoA from '91-'98, finally shutting down when I hadn't seen a user
for a month.  Meanwhile, I'd also setup TGoA III on the web.  Its kinda
crest-fallen lately, but still out there.  I don't remember which mail
tosser I used with TGoA BBS.  Do you remember which one you used?  Do
you remember the 387net Gatherings?  Do you remember HDDs that cost $1/MB?
> ...where's my cane...
> ;-)
Right along side mine...



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