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On 3/16/08, ed wrote:

>  Oh?  Which ones?  What subject matter?  Famished!  I miss the "old days..."

You know, it's been so long ago that I don't even remember most of their names.

I had an Apple ][+ as a high school graduation gift, and I used that 
with a Hayes 300 Baud modem to dial up two or three different BBSes 
in the central Oklahoma area (don't hold that against me -- it was my 
parents who forced me to move to Norman).

Later, when I was in College, I tended to spend more time on mailing 
lists and USENET newsgroups carried over UUCP at school, than on 
BBSes at the house -- among other things, we had only the one line, 
and the other phones in the house would make a chirping noise as I 
dialed out, so I couldn't be online late at night.

Once I graduated and moved to the DC area to work in the basement of 
the Pentagon, I was offline for a couple of years while until I could 
get a decent apartment where I could set up a computer.  Once I did, 
I got onto the Heller Information Systems (HIS) BBS, and they had 
something like 24 lines.  They were connected to FidoNet, but I 
didn't do much on FidoNet myself.

I tended to chat more on the local boards, and after a certain 
debacle at work (I sent a letter to the Communications of the ACM 
decrying what the NSA was trying to do in squelching the publication 
of good encryption algorithms, and I made the mistake of using the 
computers at work to send that, see my copy at 
<http://www.shub-internet.org/brad/cacm92nov.html>), so I used their 
Internet e-mail services a lot more.

There were a couple of other local BBSes in the area that I used to 
get on, and I actually wound up getting my three cats from one set of 
BBS friends.  They ran a BBS that had the name "Unicorn" in it 
somewhere, but I can't remember the full name now.  He worked for 
AT&T, and they were rolling out a new product for which he was the 
manager.  They gave him two weeks notice to get him and his whole 
household moved down to Texas (Dallas?), where they had their 
operations center.

But they didn't know what to do with their cats until they got a 
house.  So, they asked me to take care of them, and they'd call me 
when they were ready to have me ship them down.  In payment, I'd get 
to keep one cat of my choice, and they'd take the other two back. 
Only they never called.  I called them several times, but never spoke 
to them directly, only leaving messages on their machine.  They had 
set up their BBS down here in Texas so I even dialed long-distance 
and left them e-mail on their own BBS, but no answer.  So, I wound up 
keeping all three cats.

>  1977 with pencil, compass, typewriter and punch cards -- doing maps for
>  AWACS...

When I was there in the mi-80s, OU taught their introductory 
programming classes on punch cards.  One time I asked one of the 
professors why, and he said that it was because OU still issued 
paychecks on punch cards.

I also worked on campus for most of the time I was there (4.5 years), 
shelving books at the main library of the University.  A couple of 
years earlier, I had asked one of the people at the Bursar's Office 
why they still issued paychecks on punch cards -- they said that it 
was because OU still taught programming on punch cards.

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