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Geoff geoff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Mon Mar 17 08:04:03 CDT 2008

ed wrote:
> I ran TGoA from '91-'98, finally shutting down when I hadn't seen a user
> for a month.  Meanwhile, I'd also setup TGoA III on the web.  Its kinda
> crest-fallen lately, but still out there.  I don't remember which mail
> tosser I used with TGoA BBS.  Do you remember which one you used?  Do
> you remember the 387net Gatherings?  Do you remember HDDs that cost $1/MB?

Good ol' google...  I found an old message of mine, that had the origin 
and tear line on it, still...

1.  Jeff Edmonson   	
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Date: *1995/04/16*
Subject: *Greetings from TEXAS!*
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The Electronic Avenue BBS, in San Antonio, TX is now Proudly carrying the
HOTROD echo!

SysOp - Electronic Avenue BBS

--- GEcho 1.00
 * Origin: Electronic Avenue BBS*(210)333-0060 San Antonio, TX (1:387/510)


Of course, that machine ain't around no more.  but, as you can see 
there, GEcho was the tosser, FrontDoor was the mailer, and SuperBBS 
(when I brought it down) was the actual BBS.

Holy crap, when I think of how much time I spent making colorized 
high-ascii menus in 'TheDraw'...

You kidding me?  My -first- PC was a True-Blue 4.77/10MHz IBM XT w/the 
FULL 640k of ram and a (then) -new- half-height 20*MEG* MFM hard-disk 
drive, with a (then) new dual-sided 5 1/4" floppy drive!  Oh, and 
nothing but the latest in graphics... Hercules mono-chrome card with 
extended graphics, and an amber monochrome monitor.  I remember playing 
'Leisure Suit Larry' on that thing and then complaining about the lack 
of graphic detail when I 'upgraded' from the Hercules mono card to CGA.

It was 1985, I was working in Houston/Clear Lake City for Raynor 
Computer systems near NASA, at their on-site maintenance installation at 
Baker & Botts in One Shell Plaza, downtown Houston, fixing computers, 
and printers, in a shirt/tie/slacks, while the 'preppies' were running 
around with collared polo t-shirts with alligators on their left-breast 
pocket, designer jeans and Nike tennies.

That machine cost me around $1000 ~ $1200... in 1885.

Moved back to San Antonio with the PC in tow in 1987, Dad died in 
September of 1988, I started the BBS in early 89, graduated ITT Tech in 
1991, fumbled around a few computer shops and went back into trade-show 
setup/dismantle, because with my diploma and 3.6 GPA, I found I could 
get a job on any bench making $7.50~8.00/hr and part-time, but I could 
go back to making $16/hr and part time and more hours than I was getting 
on the bench.  These days, I work an average of around 6 months a year 
and still drag down $36~40k/yr, and I'm not sitting in some monkey suit 
and tie, not doing the same old boring ass routine day in/day out, and I 
get to do all the travel I want.  I love what I do!

Today, people are -giving- away 1+GHz systems.  *sigh*.  I bought a 17" 
LCD Flat-screen monitor off of craigslist here in San Antonio a couple 
of months ago, for $50.  Works 'great'.

just old, I guess...

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