[SATLUG] Ubuntu and AMD64/Geoforce 6100

toddwbucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Mon Mar 17 14:43:29 CDT 2008

yes its true that Ubuntu will support gutsy for at least another year. I
stand corrected.  That said it was my experience with feisty that the
repositories were not as well maintained once gutsy was released.
furthermore every time you use the update manager (again I am a gui
wimp) there is a reminder to upgrade to the latest release.  finally
while gutsy will be maintained it is unlikely that you will receive the
latest kernel until you upgrade to the latest release.  Seems likely to
me that without the latest kernel release you could subject yourself to
security vulnerabilities.  Of course I could be wrong.

> >   
> Hmmmm "Ubuntu is released regularly and predictably; a
>                             new release is made every six months. You 
> can use
>                             the current stable release or the current
>                             development release. Each release is 
> supported for
>                             at least 18 months." ... Ubuntu 7.10
>                 - the Gutsy Gibbon - released in October 2007.
> herb

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