[SATLUG] Ubuntu and AMD64/Geoforce 6100

herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Mar 17 15:12:09 CDT 2008

toddwbucy wrote:
> yes its true that Ubuntu will support gutsy for at least another year. I
> stand corrected.  That said it was my experience with feisty that the
> repositories were not as well maintained once gutsy was released.
> furthermore every time you use the update manager (again I am a gui
> wimp) there is a reminder to upgrade to the latest release.  finally
> while gutsy will be maintained it is unlikely that you will receive the
> latest kernel until you upgrade to the latest release.  Seems likely to
> me that without the latest kernel release you could subject yourself to
> security vulnerabilities.  Of course I could be wrong.
> Todd

Yeah I agree being shy with the CLI myself, I was following this thread 
cause I have 3 boxes running one still a MSwin one with 7.04 that I 
ignore the Upgrade to 7.10 cause Tweeks said he did not like to upgrade 
but rather install, lol, and the 3rd box runs 7.10 with no complaints at 
all so your post of support panicked the hell out of me so did 
System/About and decided it was worth correcting.

I may be wrong but I sure think that 7.04 has upgraded the kernal at 
least once but I not sure. I moved the 7.04 box to my workshop and I had 
been using it with a 19" SVA flat tru a KVM sw and now it's hooked to a 
17" SVA flat monitor and it boots to a black screen I have not tried to 
troubleshoot but Puppy runs just fine on that box and connects to the 
LAN so I only have a minor problem. That said I tried to run both 7.04 
and the 7.10 CD disk for desktop and it loads up from the CD but then I 
get a black screen with both, It's an old Nivda 32mb card so I suspect I 
have to tweek the config. I am sure an upgrade caused this problem since 
that 7.04 was originally installed with that same 17" monitor and I 
remember seeing several Nivida upgrades over the past 10mos. and seems 
to me at least one security patch comes tru every few days, I asked the 
list a few months ago for opinion on if I needed to understand what the 
upgrade and was assured that Ubuntu is nearly perfect with only one 
small goof in past 2-3yrs so i have just been reading the titles and 
oking the install since then.

Anyway  I may just upgrade the card and I am now DLing the New Ubuntu 
Alpha just because I have never tried to DL and burn a disk before, 
cutting work today and playing 'geek'. yahoo!

>> Hmmmm "Ubuntu is released regularly and predictably; a
>>                             new release is made every six months. You 
>> can use
>>                             the current stable release or the current
>>                             development release. Each release is 
>> supported for
>>                             at least 18 months." ... Ubuntu 7.10
>>                 - the Gutsy Gibbon - released in October 2007.
>> herb

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