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herb cee hc at lookcee.com
Mon Mar 17 16:51:46 CDT 2008

country wrote:
> Now THAT list brings back memories hahahaha
Ok Country, hahahah, I have been playing with Puppy a little bit and I
think it is a really really good distro for a Win user to get acquainted
with Linux and free themselves from the world of Spys, Mal ware, Ad ware
and all that comes with MS leaky, buggy OS. I was really really
disappointed with all the 'old fog' diverting the thread but i loved it
all me starting on IBM 705 mainframe back in the dawn of history, at
77orbits I may be the oldest geek-wanna-be on this list.


I really recommend for any non-programmer noob that would love to walk
in the freedom of the Linux miracle to just go here and read away.

Here is the start of the FAQ

Q: New user*

I have just burnt Puppy (to CD) and booted him. Could you advise what I
should do next to properly learn how to setup, configure and get the
best out of Puppy?


I recommend two things: explore the menu and find out what is there, and
go to "Menu -> Help" in the menu (see "Menu" button bottom-left of
screen) and read through the HOWTO documents.
Many people assume that there won't be much documentation built-in to
Puppy, especially if they have used any of the other 50 - 70M tiny
live-CD distros. *However, Puppy has almost 3M of HTML and text
documentation files, available via the Help menu item* and also by the
traditional "man" command.
The HOWTO documents are particularly helpful to steer you in the right
direction -- for example, although setting up an Internet connection is
simple, it is helpful to read about it first. Ditto for setting up
CD/DVD burning.

If you can't find out how to do something, and wireless networking comes
to mind, go to the Wiki or search the Forum. Puppy enthusiasts are
contributing vast amounts of information to the Wiki and Forum daily. As
a last resort, ask a question on the Forum.

Wiki URL: http://www.puppylinux.org/wikka/
Main Forum: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/

        Q: How do I save my personal files and settings?


My comments:
That above Q. is also answered and a whole lot more and just like
Country hahaha, (just teasing podner) said while posing as a noob ...
you have a xhitload of free programs that can be installed flawlessly.
while leaving whatever flavor of MSWin totally undisturbed as long as
you have HD space to provide the storage space for the programs to live.

I advise just getting a live CD but if you don't mind DLing and burning
a disk then you can start right now, click click.

However you do get the live CD, once booted you will see a very Win
looking desktop but just right click on the desk and you get a pop out
'start' menu that is absolutely amassing. The names will be very
unfamiliar to a MS only user but just about anything you want is there
if not then read on installing what ever you do want, and if you are
confused just sign on to the Puppy forum and get excellent help, often
from the developers of this most excellent distro.

Just go fer it, puppys are fun and taste good, my compliments to the Chefs!

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