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country glenn.toothman at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 17:01:09 CDT 2008

Well, I"m just a jovial tall skinney ole kowboy hahahahahah

I enjoy seamless integrations and implementations, and love puppy.  At my
advanced age the less I have to use the ole brainbox the more I like it

I have to play with it, to get to view .wmv files through the net, without
having to d/l it and view it..

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 4:51 PM, herb cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:

> country wrote:
> > Now THAT list brings back memories hahahaha
> >
> Ok Country, hahahah, I have been playing with Puppy a little bit and I
> think it is a really really good distro for a Win user to get acquainted
> with Linux and free themselves from the world of Spys, Mal ware, Ad ware
> and all that comes with MS leaky, buggy OS. I was really really
> disappointed with all the 'old fog' diverting the thread but i loved it
> all me starting on IBM 705 mainframe back in the dawn of history, at
> 77orbits I may be the oldest geek-wanna-be on this list.
> I really recommend for any non-programmer noob that would love to walk
> in the freedom of the Linux miracle to just go here and read away.
> http://www.puppylinux.com/faq.htm
> Here is the start of the FAQ
> *********
> Q: New user*
> I have just burnt Puppy (to CD) and booted him. Could you advise what I
> should do next to properly learn how to setup, configure and get the
> best out of Puppy?
>        A:
> I recommend two things: explore the menu and find out what is there, and
> go to "Menu -> Help" in the menu (see "Menu" button bottom-left of
> screen) and read through the HOWTO documents.
> Many people assume that there won't be much documentation built-in to
> Puppy, especially if they have used any of the other 50 - 70M tiny
> live-CD distros. *However, Puppy has almost 3M of HTML and text
> documentation files, available via the Help menu item* and also by the
> traditional "man" command.
> The HOWTO documents are particularly helpful to steer you in the right
> direction -- for example, although setting up an Internet connection is
> simple, it is helpful to read about it first. Ditto for setting up
> CD/DVD burning.
> If you can't find out how to do something, and wireless networking comes
> to mind, go to the Wiki or search the Forum. Puppy enthusiasts are
> contributing vast amounts of information to the Wiki and Forum daily. As
> a last resort, ask a question on the Forum.
> Wiki URL: http://www.puppylinux.org/wikka/
> Main Forum: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/
>        Q: How do I save my personal files and settings?
> ********
> My comments:
> That above Q. is also answered and a whole lot more and just like
> Country hahaha, (just teasing podner) said while posing as a noob ...
> you have a xhitload of free programs that can be installed flawlessly.
> while leaving whatever flavor of MSWin totally undisturbed as long as
> you have HD space to provide the storage space for the programs to live.
> I advise just getting a live CD but if you don't mind DLing and burning
> a disk then you can start right now, click click.
> However you do get the live CD, once booted you will see a very Win
> looking desktop but just right click on the desk and you get a pop out
> 'start' menu that is absolutely amassing. The names will be very
> unfamiliar to a MS only user but just about anything you want is there
> if not then read on installing what ever you do want, and if you are
> confused just sign on to the Puppy forum and get excellent help, often
> from the developers of this most excellent distro.
> Just go fer it, puppys are fun and taste good, my compliments to the
> Chefs!
> herb
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