[SATLUG] The Old Computer Days, WAS Puppy Linux

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 17:30:36 CDT 2008

Nathan wrote:
> I wonder if you would mind if the thread name got changed. If someone is looking up information in the arrives and trying to find info on Puppy Linux, what is being said in the thread has noting to do with it.
No problems at all, since I was the first one to go OT in there...
> Yes, I go back many years with computers and electronics, and have many good memories. The early ones I worked on were slow and used lots of power to do what a solar powered calculator can do today. I have lost track of the operating systems and program languages I have worked with.
I started with DOS 2.1, went through 6.6, tried OS/2, and even dabbled
with CLI Linux. When DOS quit being supported, I went to Windoze 95
(also Win 3.11 WfWg), and have followed that path all the way to Vista -
via both the 9x and NT routes.  However, I'd always been on the lookout
for a replacement, as Windoze has never really impressed me.  I went
Open Source on a number of cross-platform apps just waiting for the day,
and finally took the OS leap when Ubuntu came out.
> There were times when 16 Kb memory was more memory then you could ever use. Model 33's were the best in I/O. Reel to reel tape was the latest in long term mass storage.
The 18"x 1.5" reels?  Or the big 24" x 2" ones?
> But the best memories are the people, then ones that helped me learn, and understand what computers were all about.
Ya got that one right!!
> Nathan Oxhandler

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