[SATLUG] Another geeky project full of DARPA love

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Tue Mar 18 10:21:50 CDT 2008


Q: What does COUGAAR stand for?

A: COUGAAR is an acronym for "Cognitive Agent Architecture," due to the
Cougaar planning domain's model of Tasks, Workflows, Expansion, and
Aggregation. This is a legacy definition, since the architecture has
been refactored to a comprehensive agent-based middleware that also
supports non-planning applications.

Q: What is the history of Cougaar?

A:Cougaar started in 1996 as ALP, "The Advanced Logistics Project,"
which was a DARPA funded project to model military logistics using
distributed agent technologies. BBN was the primary contractor and
continues as a key Cougaar developer.

In 2001 ALP transitioned to a new DARPA project, Ultra*Log, to enhance
the scalability, security, and survivability of the underlying agent
system. Cougaar was the underlying architecture of Ultra*Log and
contains most of the logistics domain code. Ultra*Log concluded at the
end of 2004, at which time Cougaar became a purely open source project,
though it may continue under one or more defense-sponsored projects.

The open source community has adopted Cougaar in non-military
applications ranging from embedded sensor webs to business intelligence
applications. Some uses were presented at Open Cougaar 2004.

The open source community has a Support project, where you may learn
more about our support plans.

Q: Who uses Cougaar?

A: The primary client of Cougaar has been the US military, but the
architecture is component-based and has been used by the open source
community for other agent-based applications, including commercial

Please see our project site for the latest news on open source project
activity and download statistics.


Hmm, an army of autonomous killing machines all tied together with the
Cougaar logistics network could, I don't know, take over a city, a
country, the world? All without the help (interference) of a single
human being. While the rest of the world is worried about some
Saudi-sponsored Ahabs in a cave on the other side of the world, a man
like G-Dub or a woman like Killary with the power to unleash these kinds
of weapons is what keeps me up nights.


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