[SATLUG] Java SSH Web Applet

Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Thu Mar 20 14:02:21 CDT 2008

Ed Coates wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 2:27 AM, Samuel Leon <satlug at net153.net> wrote:
>> Anyone know of a good free java ssh applet like this one:
>>  http://www.netspace.org/ssh/
>>  I am getting bored at work and I think all outgoing ports except port 80
>>  is blocked and to get port 80 access you have to go through an internal
>>  proxy.  I am thinking that if I bury one of these java ssh applets in a
>>  password protected section of my home website I will be able to get
>>  shell access and be able to hack stuff at home while I am at work.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Sam
> Sam,
> If you have a login to the proxy (I'm assuming that you do to be able
> to surf) you can setup putty to use the proxy, or another solution is
> to use this site, get the connect.c program, and configure your
> ssh_config to use the binary to go through the proxy.
> Both options have worked from me where I found myself in the same situations.
> http://www.meadowy.org/~gotoh/projects/connect
> Ed


I am not sure how the proxy works.  IE is just set to auto download the 
proxy conf script.  I have looked the proxy script over and couldn't 
make too much sense of it.  So I am not sure if it only allows port 80 
connections or what.  I do know that I can connect and log into the 
password protected https section of my webserver though.


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