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pixelnate wrote:
| On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 10:24 -0500, Lance Crowder wrote:
|> ~Nate
|> Unfortunatly, war is neccissary to protect our lives and freedoms.
| I highly disagree. You cannot prove that. If you studied the history of
| money, and those that control it, you would find that wars are fought
| for exactly the opposite reasons. They are always reason for massive
| loss of life, predominantly of young men, and the citizens of the
| countries involved are always forced to endure the loss of their
| freedoms. Ask any of the Asian Americans that were sent to camps during
| WWII. War is used as a means of control by those with power against
| those without. As long as this country is at war, those that run the
| country can find reason to control us.
| Do yourself a favor and read Ray Bradbury's 1984. Go in with an open
| mind and read it to the end. Listen to the message that the author is
| providing, and you will find the real reason that we are always at war.
|> Most technologies were created to fulfill a warrriors needs.
| That is sad indeed. With all of the potential in the human spirit, it is
| disturbing that we focus that wonderful gift on something so destructive
| and pointless.
|> The first electronic computers were built to calculate the
trajectories of Artillary rounds.
| I am well aware of UNIVAC, ENIAC, et. al.
|> We will find peacefull uses for the Robots and Exeoskeletons in these
movies as well.
| If you mean by sending these technologies to the local law "enforcement"
| then you misunderstand the meaning of peaceful.
|> And we will find need to defend ourselfs from people who wish to use
them to harm us.
| Like those who control the money supply: Ben Bernacke and his
| controllers, the bankers in the City of London, the Rothschilds? I am
| afraid you will find that it is they who are funding the creation of
| these machines precisely to harm us.
|> On another note.  In a previous posting you mentioned using this Tech
to create better prostetics for the "Kids" comming home from war.  While
I appreciate your concern for the American Warriors that have been
injured, I also want to remind you that it is insulting to call aduts
| An 18 year old with 6 weeks of boot camp behind them does not an adult
| or hero make. The vast majority of those returning from the Middle East
| with fewer limbs than they left with are scarcely two decades old. When
| the average lifespan of a modern man is more than 80 years, a person
| with a mere 20 years behind them (and only two or three away from their
| parents) is truly still a child.
|> We are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and (personally) Marines.  By
definition we are men and women who have become warriors.
| I despise that term. As someone who has sworn to uphold the
| Constitution, not once, but twice, against enemies foreign and domestic,
| I would think you would refer to yourself more readily as a defender of
| that important document and the freedoms listed within it, than one who
| wages war. Any mercenary can wage war. Any despicable wretch can wage
| war and kill another person. I would be loathe to ascribe to the belief
| that my father and father-in-law were little more than warriors. It
| would destroy me to the core to see them in such a terrible light.
|> Please support us, even if not the wars we fight.  But please don't
insult us, especcialy those of us who have fallen injured or dead.
| I do support the troops. I support the fact that we need to defend our
| country against those that would do it harm. It is an unfortunate
| reality that the enemies that we need to be defended from are those that
| run the country from DC, from Jupiter Island and Hobe Sound, from New
| York and from London. The only way to support the troops is to demand
| that they be brought home.
| ~Nate

All this being said. The robot is still cool. The tech required to make
it walk is badass.

Technology isn't evil. Only people are evil.

Guns don't kill people. People kill people, the gun just helps.

Without making this a huge political diatribe, the robot is cool. Being
able to balance successfully on four legs, when falling on ice, and
climbing over stuff. That's cool.

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