[SATLUG] Home NAS Solutions

Ed Coates edcoates at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 10:31:48 CDT 2008

>  >  Unfortunately, I don't have that expandability, or the drives.  :)
>  >  I'm going to need something external unfortunatley, but thank you very
>  >  much for the reply.
>  Duh, I just thought of something. I also have a NSLU2. Got it off
>  Amazon for $120. It allows you to connect an external USB2.0 drive.
>  There's a number of firmware hacks for it. I used the Debian firmware
>  and its my new play toy. $120 for the device and another $100 or so
>  for external USB2 300GB drive. Is *that* cheap enough?
I'm actually looking for something like this or similar:


at a lower price  :)


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