[SATLUG] Mailing List Policy

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 15:33:26 CDT 2008

1.  This list is intended for the exchange of information pertaining to
Linux for all people living in the greater San Antonio area.

2.  The mailing list is currently open to the general public for
participation, and it is not moderated. All submissions are archived and
will be made available on the SATLUG website for browsing.

3. Your subscription to the mailing list enables you to post questions
and comments from the email address from which you subscribed. Please
observe the general rules for netiquette and respect for others when
posting to this list. Note especially that SATLUG's mailing list reaches
a wide audience, including youth. Please refrain from posting profanity
or other offensive material.

There will not be another "OT" list.  At least not by me.

If there is a really offensive poster, I will delete that user and block
that user from resubscribing.  That has never been necessary.

If you don't like a topic, delete it and don't respond.  There will be
occasional OT threads, but they generally die out in a few days.
Complaining that a thread is off topic just extends the life of the thread.

  -- Bruce

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