[SATLUG] 1984, Robots, the Military and Technology

pixelnate pixelnate at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 20:04:51 CDT 2008

On Fri, 2008-03-21 at 19:35 -0500, Vern Davis wrote:

> Many of us subscribed to this list because it is advertised as a LINUX

And the topic at hand is how some Linux projects affect the greater
World at large, for the military, for local law enforcement and for
those people who belong to neither group but are nonetheless affected by
their actions. Once again, I will say, this topic is directly related to
Linux and open source. BigDog apparently runs some form of Linux, and
the Cougaar project is an open source project written in a language that
is now being (is it completely yet?) open sourced, i.e. Java.

The current discussion is about the greater ramifications of such types
of projects. Yes, the discussion touches on philosophy and politics, but
only in relation to such types of projects. Once again, if you don't
want to pay attention to the conversation, then, well, don't.
> It is not advertised as a POLITICAL SOUNDING BOARD.
It has *not* been used as such.

> There has been a severe drought of linux-related info on here lately, and an
> overabundance of tin-foil hat theories.

That is flame bait, there my friend. Please refrain from such derogatory
statements. And please, if you are complaining, change your subject line
to reflect you complaints so that they can be properly filtered. Perhaps
there should be a COMPLAINT list in addition to the OT one that so many
people want started.


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