[SATLUG] Apologies and olive branches.

ed horned0wl93 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 20:31:43 CDT 2008

What started as a Puppy thread, and got expanded into robotics, a la
BigDog, is now drowning in multi-threaded muck.  There's now more being
said about what can or should, cannot or should not, be said in the list
than there is about any particular topic, on-, loosely- or off-topic.

I've checked, and I've either taken the lead, of provided first support
for each of the four major divergences from the original topic.  For
those, I apologize, and ask that we reign-in what looks to become a
genuine, list-splitting flame war real soon.  Help?

I think the suggestion of marking a topic [OT] at the beginning of a
divergence, with a (was ""), is probably a good idea.  Thereby allowing
those who wish to pursue it, while those who don't, including list
"purists," can either race by or filter it out.  Can we get a consensus
here?  Please?



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