[SATLUG] 1984, Robots, the Military and Technology

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Mar 21 22:54:34 CDT 2008

On 3/21/08, Vern Davis wrote:

>  And go search for a list with LINUX related material.

There's plenty of Linux-related material on this list.  Sometimes 
there's a brief period where less related topics tend to get more 
posts, but just wait a little while and they'll die down so long as 
people don't keep feeding the trolls.

You guys have some good people down there, and you're doing some good 
things.  I wish Austin and UT Austin would do as well.

Instead, we've got at least four or five separate Linux groups, and 
UT Austin seems bound and determined to go with a commercial 
proprietary videoconferencing solution that disenfranchises everyone 
who isn't running a Micro$loth OS, instead of even bothering to look 
at well established cross-platform freely available solutions like 
Access Grid.

Sometimes, you don't know what you have (or had) until you lose it. 
Since we don't have it up here in Austin but I can clearly see that 
you people down there do, I would suggest that you might want to 
re-think that whole baby/bathwater thing.

Now, that said, a sufficiently unruly herd of cats will sometimes 
need additional work to try to rein them in.  On that subject, I wish 
you luck.  ;-)

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