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Sat Mar 22 02:41:38 CDT 2008

Ernest De Leon wrote:
> I wouldn't worry about it Ed.  This happens every so often on this list and it eventually dies out.  People just get worked up because someone says something that they don't agree with (passionately) or that they (passionately) believe should not be on this list.  
So, who guides and who rules, if anyone?
> Every time this happens, I remember the phrase (and I'm paraphrasing loosely) 'True genius is the
> ability to hold two conflicting ideas in your mind at the same time without imploding.'  
The term for that is dialecticism, the ability to simultaneously hold
two or more discrete, diametrically opposing thougts, and not lock-up
for holding them.  Shrinks have worked on the concept for years - how it
happens, how to make it happen (war is peace, etc...), and how someone
who does can avoid ending up schizoid...  (Before coming to my senses, I
was a Psych major...)
> This, increasingly, has become the problem with America today.
And, you'll notice that we've been significantly "dumbed-down" trying to
make way for it to happen.
> The day that the majority of people can hold multiple seemingly conflicting points of view and do so without mental turpitude, we will have reached the peak of human civilization.  Unfortunately, the world chooses to yield to cognitive dissonance instead. 
Conflicting, yes, but diametrically opposed?  It truth, I suspect
there's rather more "opposition" than "conflict" in those popular
thoughts.  The dichotomy, and the dumbing-down, keeps  "Joe  Six-Pack" 
in his place, unable to separate truth from fantasy or need from want,
and thereby unable to fulfill his role as a citizen of a free,
democratic society...  

TV commercial about TVs:  "I want it all, and I want it NOW!"  Nothing
like instant gratification, even on over-extended credit, to keep one
distracted from the realities and necessities of society, or life, for
that matter...
> I have no shame in saying that this is largely due to universities becoming businesses rather than places of true meaningful education.  
Agreed. And the public schools ahead of them.  6 years ago, my daughter
graduated from MacArthur HS.  She's now received a B.A. from St. Mary's,
and is half-way through her Master of Letters there, and can't tell me
the names of either the participants of the Boston Tea Party, or the
Yalta Conference. (And the Battle of Britain was fought by Braveheart -
didn't you know?)  My middle step-daughter, who graduated last year from
Taft doesn't know those answers either.  Neither of them  understand why
the questions might be important...
> I frequently tell people that, in retrospect, my undergraduate (and even more so graduate) degree was a waste of time and
> money.  Had I known then what I know now...
That's even being said publicly now, by more than one source...
> Ernest
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 6:31 PM, ed <horned0wl93 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> What started as a Puppy thread, and got expanded into robotics, a la
>> BigDog, is now drowning in multi-threaded muck.  {snip}
>> Cheers;
>> Ed
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