[SATLUG] Home NAS Solutions

Carl Muellner carl.muellner at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 11:08:43 CDT 2008

Ed -

     Two years ago my wife and I bought a pair of Maxtor 320 Gb USB drives.
I attached them to my FC-8 box, configured as a RAID-1 Metadvice (md0) with
an EXT3 file system, SAMBA-shared and NFS-shared out to the rest of our home
network.  We can access the NAS thru my wife's Win/XP desktop, her Vista
(yuck) laptop over wireless, the Ubuntu server (in evaluation mode right
now), the  WRT-54G (running DD-WRT v23 SP2), or any other device we've
plugged into the network.  Runs like a champ.  No, it is not screaming fast,
but it is relatively cheap, reliable and expandable.  No extra OS, no GUIs
or TUIs, just whatever is on the Linux box it is attached to.

     This past Christmas (on a good sale) we bought two Seagate FreeAgent
320 Gb USB drives.  As we need more space, I plan to extend out each side
with one Maxtor and one Seagate in a RAID-0 configuration.  I am also
thinking about moving the whole metadevice to the Ubuntu server and free up
my desktop.

     Just my $.02.  Hope that helps.

   -  Carl

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> Hi All,
> I'm not looking to start any flame wars, just trying to see what
> people are running in the Home NAS arena, why you picked it, and what
> your experiences are with it.
> I've been looking at the Western Digital "My Book" collection, and
> just found the Netgear series.  I'm looking for something like a
> multiple drive chasis that I can use firewire possibly to connect to.
> I don't need any fluff like it having a built in OS/Web browser, etc
> that I would probably never use.  I just need something that Ubuntu
> will recognize and use and that might be possible to mirror.  Oh yeah,
> and price is a factor  :)
> Ed

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