[SATLUG] Apologies and olive branches.

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Sat Mar 22 14:24:50 CDT 2008

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Travis Runty wrote:
|> Feel free to go ahead and do that, and tell us when you're done.
|> Then the interested parties can go over there and stop bugging the
|> rest of us.
| lol, when did this mailing list get "hostile"?  I personally see the forum
| suggestion as a much easier method to seperate the junk off-topic
| and the actual useful tech discussion...  Obviously this is only a
| suggestion, just as the "tags" suggestion was...  So, if you dont like the
| suggestion, OH WELL.  From what I have seen it is hard to actually enforce
| policies over a mailing list while within a forum there is much more
| control...

That's not true. There's moderated mailing lists just like moderated
forums. There's just typically much more need to moderate forums than
there is to moderate mailing lists, because the clients of the mailing
lists have far greater filtration options than a forum does.
So I'd argue the opposite (whilst we're talking of technical advantages
of forums vs mailing lists) forums give less control to the end user,
and don't really have much more control from the moderator level.

|> Dear god, no. I'd never visit again. I detest fora. Mailing lists are so
|> much better. Less annoying, no scrolling through metric fucktons of
|> peoples bigass signature pictures.
| I could see your point if we didnt have huge email signatures instead
of the
| forum pictures (see below for example...)
I will not discontinue signing my emails. Ignoring the GPG signature, my
9 lines of text is always at the bottom, and doesn't need to be scrolled
past to read the next posting. And that's my main beef with forums. I
don't mind long posts on mailing lists, nor do I mind extravagant
signatures, because I don't have to read them to get to the next post.
And thunderbird greys everything after the "--" so it's even less obvious.

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