[SATLUG] Apologies and olive branches.

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Mar 22 15:43:15 CDT 2008

On 3/22/08, Travis Runty wrote:

>  Very interesting read.  Please don't take my suggestions as anti satlug
>  or even anti mailing list, i was just expressing my opinion that a forum
>  is much easier to follow, especially on lengthy discussions that branch
>  off this direction or that when people accidentally or intentionally
>  change the subject throughout the course of the conversation.

Not true.  Not at all true.  Get yourself a decent mail client that 
understands proper message threading, and you'd understand just how 
weak the forum solution really is.

>  Also, David, I in no way was implying that you should stop with your
>  signature, I was just stating that signatures are everywhere you go...

Yes, but you have to see the forum signatures or at least scroll past 
them.  With e-mail signatures, if that's hidden for you by your 
client (which many good ones do), or if that's off the screen below 
the bottom edge of your window, then you don't ever actually have to 
see them.

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